Those who need to catch up

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For those of you who turned everything in to me today, no homework for you. YAY!
Otherwise, here is what I need everyone to have turned in by Monday:
-Class chart and "T-Chart" (Claim, Evidence, So What?) for the Newsroom scene.
-Postmortem of a protagonist for Quoyle (either head through arms or arms through head. If you were not assigned a series of body parts because you were absent, choose either set. Just make sure you do six.)
        -The directions should specify, but just to clarify: Draw an image of a body. Then write quotes on/next to/around/in the general vicinity of the body part that provide evidence for how you would answer the questions it is asking you. For example, if you choose to do the nose, for what Quoyle smelled you might choose "he knew the flavor of brack and waterweed," as those are things that he would have smelled. 
-Short reflections on the questions "How is Quoyle like a crenshaw melon" and "How do others shape our perceptions of ourselves" using the trailer for The Shipping News to support your answer.

ALL of the materials you need to complete these assignments (including the clips) will be under the handouts section. PLEASE NOTE: If you watch the Newsroom scene, there are two instances of foul language, so be aware. That being said, I'm sure you can handle it :). Enjoy the weekend!