Mrs. Johnson's American Sign Language Class

American Sign Language I and II Syllabus 2016-2017

Mrs. Johnson


American Sign Language I and II:  Students will be taught from the Master ASL book for

ASL I and II.  The class is designed to learn how ASL is a language and how it is similar to English.  ASL I will work on how the language works, why it’s that way and sign vocabulary.  ASL II will continue to add more sign vocabulary.  Both groups will learn about Deaf Culture and do projects as partners and individually.  The group go to at least one elementary school to perform a song or two in sign for a grade.


Supply List for Class:

3 ring binder (2 inches)

2 packages of loose leaf college ruled paper

1 package of dividers

1 ream (package) of printer paper

1 black and 1 red pen

1 bottle hand sanitizer

2 large boxes of kleenex

color pencils

Cell Phones and Technology Use:

No phones or other technology will be allowed in the classroom.  There are computers in the classroom to use for class work.  I will give one reminder to put your phone away, but the second time, you will need to give it to me until the end of class.  Parents, please do not text or call your child during class.  You may call the classroom number if there is an emergency at 549-7630.

PENCILS or PENS EVERY DAY!!! (Or bring a package of 48 for the first semester for yourself)

Grades: Your grade will be determined based on the evaluation of tests, quizzes, class

work, homework, projects, and participation. Completed work for each week should be placed in

the IN basket, and picked up from the out basket on Monday and stored in the class English

notebook. You will have opportunities during the week to get feedback on your work and

finalized for a grade on Friday. Use resource and off periods well.

A 90-100

B 80-89

C 70-79

D 60-69

F 59 and below

50% Assignments/Participation


Make-UP Work

If you are absent whether excused or not, you are responsible to make-up all missing work.  You may come-in before or after school to get your missing work.  You have one day per day missed to get your work in if it is excused.  If you decided to take a vacation from school that was unexcused, you have one day to complete the missing work to receive full credit.

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