Terms 2 List

posted Oct 3, 2013, 8:24 AM by Tonja Odell   [ updated Oct 3, 2013, 8:24 AM by Renee Hahn ]
• 1. Canon-A fundamental principle or general rule; literature of the time.

• 2. Classical-Pertaining to Greek and Roman antiquity, orderly qualities of the cultures.

• 3. Apostrophe-Digression in the form of an address to someone not present or to a personified object or idea.

• 4. Conceit-An unusual and surprising comparison between two very different things intended to surprise readers. 

• 5.Chorus- a role that is usually taken by a single actor, who recites the Prologue or epilogue and gives inter-act comments that link the acts and foreshadows coming events.

• 6. Dramatic framework-situation, actual or fictional, realistic or fanciful, in which the author places his or her characters in order to express the theme.

• 7. Dramatic Exposition-Things that happen off stage that are learned through dialogue.

• 8. Drama of the Absurd-A type of drama, allied to comedy, radically nonrealistic in both content and presentation, that 

emphasizes the absurdity, emptiness and meaninglessness of life.

• 9. Aside-A brief speech in which a character turns from person he is addressing to speak directly to the audience.

• 10. Dramatic Irony-An incongruity or discrepancy between what a character says or thinks and what the reader knows to be true.

• 11. Soliloquy-a speech delivered while the speaker is alone on stage, calculated to inform the audience of what is passing in the character’s mind.

• 12.Playwright-a maker of plays