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Precalculus is an honors course that covers more Algebra, Trig, Vectors and Series that will prepare you to take AP Calculus or continue to other pathways. It is highly recommended that you have your own scientific calculator or graphing calculator.  If you purchase a calculator put your name on it!!  The graphing calculator that the math department is most familiar with is the TI-83 PLUS, TI-84 or TI-84+. The calculators are ~$100 brand new, so be sure to keep track of those items.  I have had students purchase the Casio graphing calculator, for ~$50, and use that with great success...please keep the manual with you to help figure out special features, if needed. Students are often not allowed to use their phones at school, especially during an assessment, so even though there is a calculator option available on the phone, it is beneficial to learn how to use a calculator that will be allowed during exams.

 I am available most days after school for additional help until about 3:50pm.

Some assignments will be posted or listed below in the assignment sheet. Check with a classmate, or email me for clarification, if needed. 

***Homework is assigned daily.  I will start collecting homework daily, and then transition to collecting homework from the previous week is due each Tuesday!!!  That means that assignments from Monday through Friday will be collected the following Tuesday.  Think time management!! This is preparation for your college studies!

Please remember that there are multiple resources online.  Students can search for the topic we are learning, and find videos to assist in their leaning.  Many of my students have gone to, which is an academic website.  Many people have found good videos on, but there is no educational filter on that site.

We will also have a website tied to our textbook. That is found at: ____________

**Mathematical Mindsets: for general information about growth mindset.

Videos we watched:  --Day 1 video

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