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Ms. Nevole

  I teach Geometry and Algebra 1 along with the Digital Learning Lab (APEX).  I am also the Head Athletic Trainer for Centennial High School and generally not available after school for extra help.  However, the other math teachers do stay after for students.  An after school tutoring schedule will be posted when it becomes available. I am available in the mornings in Rm 308.  I am here by 7:00 am.

My class schedule:   1st Hour:  PLAN  RM 308
                                 2nd Hour:  Geometry Rm 535
                                 3rd Hour:   APEX Rm 308
                                 4th Hour:   APEX Rm 308
                                 5th Hour:  APEX Rm 398
                                    2nd Lunch
                                 6th Hour:   Algebra 1 Rm 310
                                 7th Hour:  PLC

Contact information:  Phone in Rm 308 423-3839.  Please leave a message.
                                Email is preferable.

A calendar for Geometry Assignments and Intermediate Algebra Assignments has been attached to each individual page.