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Welcome to APEX.  This is an online course that you can access wherever you have the internet.  You will need to work on this class outside of the school day.

Parents:  Please send me your email so that I may add you to the your child's contact information on APEX.  APEX will then send you a progress report on Sunday evenings.  Also, you can always ask your child to sign into APEX to monitor there progress.  Have them click on the ACTIONS tab (blue tab).  Then click on view activity report.  This page will show you there quality of work percentage and if they are on schedule to finish the course by semester.  You can also click on "VIEW" .  This gives you the activity sheet showing your child's scores on the quizzes/assignments, and tests that they have taken.  It also show everything that must be finished to pass the course with a due date for each activity.  

Students:  Remember you must have an overall grade of 60% or higher to get credit for a class.  Also all CST must be done at school.  If you are not making adequate progress you will be referred to the Assistant Principal for possible referral to be dropped from the course.

Attached is the syllabus.  Please read carefully.  There have been changes made from prior years. Please print off the student/parent Signature portion and return it to me by Friday, Sept. 4.

I wish everyone a successful semester.
Digital Learning_Lab_Syllabus_Final[1]16-17.doc.gdoc
Robin Nevole,
Aug 31, 2016, 9:23 AM