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Geometry RM 535

Welcome to Geometry!! I am looking forward to an exciting year.I hope everyone will have a very successful year.  Remember to come prepared to class with a positive attitude and ready to learn.  You will also need pen/pencil and paper everyday.  Attendance is very important.  If you are not here, you can not learn.

Please be respectful of everyone else in class and do not interfere with someone else's right to learn.

Cell phones are permitted only at my instruction.  Please keep them put away and no ear buds.

Materials needed for class included a 3 ring Binder, calculator, protractor and compass, and a straightedge.

Please be on time to class.  When you are late, you are missing important information.

All assignments are posted in Infinite Campus.  Any worksheets are attached to the assignment.  If you can not print the worksheet, please let me know, so that I can give you a copy.  Assignments are also written on the calendar posted at the bottom of this page.

Please return the second page of the syllabus by Friday, Sept. 4.  This will be your first assignment.

Thank you and lets have a great year of learning.

The Math department is using an online practice website called IXL.  I will be assigning area periodically as assignments. 
Students may also go on the website and practice any of the previous areas.  This is a good review for the upcoming state assessments.  The web site is   Any extra work will be given extra credit points. 

The week of Nov. 7-11 I will be available after school each day in Rm 308.

I will be out the week of Nov. 14-18.  My daughter is having hip surgery.

Geometry Nevole