The cost of a 2017 AP Exam is $93. There are several ways that a student can reduce or pay for those exams:

1. Turn in your Federal Economic Data Survey, to see if you qualify for a substantial reduction in AP test fees. Students who qualified pay only $20 for each exam. (this includes a reduction in fee from College Board and Centennial High School)

2.   Centennial High School offers scholarships for students who might have trouble paying for their AP exam(s).  These scholarships are not based strictly on need, and we consider students who are taking multiple exams, families with multiple AP students, students with temporary hardships, etc.  We never want to see a student refuse an AP test based on the cost.  Please have your student talk to their AP teacher, counselor, or Principal if they anticipate having problems with AP fees.  AP Scholarship Applications are available in the main office and are due March 1st.

3.  Our Alumni Foundation offers students help with AP fees if they sell alumni bricks for our courtyard.  Know an alumni?  Ask them to purchase a brick or even a tile from your AP student.  Alumni can specify a student or just ask the funds be donated to the AP fund.  A student who sells 2 bricks can earn $47 towards the cost of their AP exam.  A student who sells a tile will earn $110 towards the cost of their AP exams. (any money remaining, can be donated to the AP fund or the Alumni Foundation).

Advanced Placement courses prepare students to succeed in a college undergraduate environment.  AP course are taught by teachers that have been specifically trained to teach these higher levels courses.  As a student you are taking the next step to advance your academic standing, experience what college will offer you and immerse yourself in a subject area you choose.

Students choose AP courses outside their area of intended study because they can immerse themselves more deeply in the subject material.  So even if you don't plan on pursuing Physics in college, an AP Physics course might be of interest to you!
Over 2,600 colleges world-wide recognize and give credit for qualifying AP scores.

More resources for student or parents interested in learning about AP courses

Take a tour of the entire AP/College Board Site

AP Biology
Mr. Lee

AP Calculus
Mrs. Crane-Murphy

AP Chemistry
Mr. Mead

AP Comparative Government & Politics
Ms. Martinez

AP Lang. & Composition
Mrs. Armstrong
Ms. Blackmore

AP Lit. & Composition
Mrs. Armendariz

AP Computer Science
Mr. Roque

AP Economics
Mrs. Shipley

AP Env. Science
Mrs. Strobel

AP German
Frau Moosbrugger

AP Human Geography
Mrs. Holly Smith

AP Physics
Mr. Macias

AP Psychology
Mrs. Fadenrecht
Mrs. Farney

AP Statistics
Mrs. Cordova

AP Spanish
Mr. Simms

AP Studio Art
Mrs. Doerr

AP US History
Mrs. Shipley

AP World History
Mrs. Turner

AP Coordinator
Mrs. Gray

Students who are requesting AP Courses for 2017-2018, check the main page of the website for Summer Reading information for AP Lit & AP Lang. courses.

AP Students, Make your hard work pay off! You can earn up to $3,000 on for taking an AP course, and $2,000 in micro-scholarships for doing well on the exam.  Over 200 participating partner colleges. Go to our website for more information.