The Centennial Aeronautical Club has a partnership with the Pueblo Air Museum at the Pueblo Airport.  
Working at the Pueblo Historical Air Museum, we help restore airplanes, helicopters, military vehicles and help preserve war memorabilia. Some of our students are Docents and give tours, some work in the gift shop, and others help work on aircraft.  
Schedules are flexible and you receive community service hours too.  
We usually meet on Saturdays at the air museum. We are in the process or working on a US Marines C-119 aircraft (Vietnam Era), which is also our club house. 
Our students, club members, have received high praise from the air museum staff and community.  We are very proud of our accomplishments and commitment. 
If you love to work on machinery, give tours, have fun, and have that Bulldog Pride, the Aeronautical Club is for you.   Contact Mr. DiJoseph in Room 535 any time.

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