Parent Teacher Conferences

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Friday, February 17
Friday is a Teacher Professional Development Day, there is no school for students on Friday.

Monday, February 20 
Monday is the Presidents Day holiday, there is no school for students or staff on Monday.

Centennial High School will hold their second semester Parent-Teacher Conferences on
Tuesday, February 21
11:30 to 7:00 pm
(Teachers will have a lunch break from 3:00 to 3:30 pm)

There will be no school for students on this day.  Parents will be able to meet with their student's teachers to discuss grades and other concerns.

Eric Rincon with Upward Bound, will be here in the counseling center to help students with their FAFSA applications, from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm, by appointment only.  Make your appointment to finish up that FAFSA application!  
Call 549-7343 for more information or to make an appointment.

Get Ready for - S.A.T

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Tuesday, April 11, 
is SAT Test day at Centennial
Looking for more prep? Check out the links below for practice tests, tips, strategies and what the SAT means for your college future.


Congratulations FBLA!

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Congratulations to the Centennial FBLA and to all the students who qualified for state!  Great job Future BULLDOG Business Leaders!

  • Accounting 2: Chandler Livingston, 1st place; Alexandria Klovas, 3rd place
  • Advertising: Brandon Pruden, 4th place
  • Business Law: Kevin Hughes, 2nd place;  Freia Siegel, 3rd place
  • Cyber Security: Andrew Mohan, 2nd place
  • Economics: Calisse Burand, 3rd place
  • FBLA Principles & Procedures: Alanna Jackson, 1st place; Emma Marino 2nd palce
  • Healthcare Admin: Delaney McCafferty, 1st place Abigail Smith, 4th place
  • Insurance and Risk Mgmnt: Kevin Hughes, 1st place
  • Intro to Business Communication: Anahi Zamarano, 4th place
  • Intro to Business Procedure: David Nixon, 4th place
  • Intro to Financial Math: Joli Dou, 2nd place
  • Intro to Info Tech: Bailee Phillips, 2nd place; Hannah Combs, 3rd place
  • Intro to Parli Pro: Emma Hollenstine, 2nd place;  Catherine Castelli, 3rd place;  Emily Eckland, 4th place
  • Organizational Leadership: Anna Shah, 1st place
  • Personal Finance: Lillian Cuhna, 1st place
  • Securities & Investments: Retzio Gredig, 4th place
  • Client Service: Alexandria Klovas, 1st place
  • Help Desk: Veda Bigley, 3rd place
  • Impromptu Speaking: Freia Siegel, 2nd place
  • Job Interview: Gianna Chavez, 2nd place
  • Public Speaking 2: Mia Gilbertson, 1st place
  • Business Financial Plan: Negar Ahmadian, Anna Shah, 3rd place
  • Intro to Business Presentation: Megan Calkins, Catherine Castelli, Grace Dixon, 2nd place;  Isabella Belarde, Jocelyn Lerma, Deja Marquez, 3rd place
  • Computer Game: Damon Bordeaux, Zap Grano, Michael Shields, 3rd place
  • Digital Video: Joseph Barber, Alise Gladbach, Ann Whited, 2nd place;   Brett Hund, Ethan VanBuskirk, Quintin Waring, 3rd place
  • Mobile App Development: Karey Olsen, 1st place;  Brenden Dewer, Johnathan Harrison, Seth Legan, 2nd place
  • Public Service Announcement: Veronika Aguilar, Kyle Arguello, Amber Medina, 1st place;  Jacob Lewis, 2nd place
  • Website Design: Kaylie Carroll, Tessa Ivan, Megaen Phillips, 2nd place
  • E-Business: Andrew Mohan, Kayla Roberts, Dylan Shapiro, 1st place
  • Hospitality Management: Michaela Diaz, Emma Marino, Katie Meeks, 3rd place
  • Emerging Business Issues: Calisse Burand, Maggie Castelli, Christian Low, 1st place

  • Healthcare Admin: Negar Ahmadian, 5th place
  • Insurance and Risk Mgmnt: Kaylie Carroll, 5th place
  • Intro to Financial Math: Caelen Burand, 5th place
  • Organizational Leadership: Veda Bigley, 5th place
  • Job Interview: Abigail Smith, 5th place
  • Sales Presentation: Emma Robinson, 5th place
  • Business Plan: Kaelee Bos, Joli Dou, Neela Ropp, 4th place
  • Publication Design: Jacqui Henderson, Delaney McCafferty, 4th place
  • Graphic Design: Gabriella Engle, Brianna Shaffer, 4th place
  • Entrepreneurship: Ashley McComb, Isaiah Sandoval, 5th place 
  • Hospitality Management: Ava Martinez, Bailee Phillips, Maelah Robinson, 5th place
  • Business Ethics: Caelen Burand, Josh North, Duncan Sharp, 5th place
  • Help Desk: Sara Cololancia, 5th place

AP Information

posted Feb 13, 2017, 6:22 PM by Pamela Hough

All AP students received letters detailing their AP exam fees on Monday, February 13th.  If you are an AP student, and you did not get your letter with this information, please check with your AP teacher or in the main office.  All of this information is also available on the Student or Parent portal.  AP students should turn in their $20 deposit for their AP exams by March 1st.
Please visit the AP tab on this website for more information, as well as ways that students can help with the costs of their AP exams, and the exam dates.

Late Start Schedule

posted Nov 17, 2016, 12:04 PM by Pamela Hough   [ updated Jan 8, 2017, 1:25 PM ]

In case of inclement weather or other situations beyond our control, the district may implement a Late Start schedule for student safety.  On those days, an automated messenger will be sent out to all students/parents via our automated system. 
Please check the PCS district web page for weather delays or cancellation information.
Parents / Students please call the Athletic or Main office for information and cancellations of extra curricular activities during bad weather days.
Main Office: 549-7335  /  Athletic Office: 549-7339

Yearbooks on Sale!

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Yearbooks are on sale for
Purchase your yearbook now before the price goes up again.  
Yearbooks can be purchased the Activities Office
or on-line at

REMIND is here!

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Sign up for 'Remind' and receive a text message right on your phone for announcements, emergencies, snow days, scholarship deadlines, etc.
Select a group from the list below and text that code to the number.  You'll receive a confirmation text to finish your registration in that group.  It only takes a minute. Students and parents can both sign up.  It's a safe, secure, text messaging system for teachers and administrators to communicate with their students and parents.

Text the assigned code, from your cell phone, to the number below, to sign up to receive text messages for your group:
Class of 2017  -     text the code:    @dogs17      to 81010  (or 719-347-1927)
Class of 2018  -     text the code:    @bdogs18    to 81010  (or 719-347-1927)
Class of 2019  -     text the code:    @cbd2019    to 81010  (or 719-347-1927)
Class of 2020   -    text the code:    @73c36b      to 81010  (or 719-347-1927)
Ambassadors  -     text the code:    @dogsbull    to 81010  (or 719-347-1927)
Scholarship Info - text the code:    @j22j           to 81010  ( or 719-347-1927)


You can unsubscribe at any time, by replying "unsubscribe@yourgroupsname" 

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