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Congratulations to the following FBLA members for qualifiying for state!
Great job Bulldogs!

Brittany Griego - Accounting 2, 4th place
Caelen Burand - Business Calculations, 3rd place
Mackenzie Lucas - Cyber Security, 4th place
Retzio Gredig - Economics, 2nd place
Kevin Hughes - Economics, 3rd place
Abigail Smith - Healthcare Administration, 2nd place
Emma Marino - Insurance&Risk Management, 2nd place
Laura Whited - Introduction to Business Communications, 4th place
Justin Shure - Introduction to Financial Math, 2nd place
Andrew Li - Introduction to Financial Math, 3rd place
Kaelee Bos - Introduction to Financial Math, 4th place
Joli Dou - Introduction to Information Technology, 1st place
Rachel Appenzeller - Introduction to Information Technology, 4th place
Joshua Thatcher - Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure, 4th place
Alise Gladbach - Organizational Leadership, 4th place
Lillian Cuhna - Personal Finance, 1st place
Jesse Alardin-Rivera - Personal Finance, 5th place
Joli Dou - Database Design & Applications, 1st place
Sean DeHeart - Spreadsheet Applications, 1st place
Joshua Thatcher - Word Processing, 3rd place
Retzio Gredig - Banking & Financial Systems, 1st place
Jayden BacaAmanda Garbiso - Management Decision Making,  2nd place
Negar Ahmandian, Anna Shah - Business Ethics, 2nd place
Kaelee Bos, Neela Ropp, Justin Shure - Intro to Business Presentation, 2nd place
Lauren Reyes, Crystal Wahlen, Anahi Zambrano - 
Intro to Business Presentation, 3rd place
Kailee Alvarado, Connor Waring - Digital Video Production, 2nd place
Mara Smith, Bocote Potter - Mobile Application Development, 1st place
Jonathan Arnott, Mia Gilbertson, Alise Gladbach - 
Public Service Announcement, 3rd place
Kristina Aguilar, Veronica Aguilar, Emma Hollenstine - Website Design, 1st place
Madaline Miller, Blake Sprague - Website Design, 3rd place
Jessica Hair, Amber Medina -  E-Business, 3rd place
Isabel Belarde, Jocelyn Lerma, Deja Marquez - Graphic Design, 2nd place
Lillian Cuhna - Client Service, 1st place
Alanna Jackson - Future Business Leader, 1st place
Katelyn Martinez - Help Desk, 1st place
Daniel Casillas - Help Desk, 3rd place
Kevin Hughes - Sales Presentation, 1st place
Taylor Shellenberger, David Nixon - State Officer Candidates
Lauren Hayden - FBLA State Vice President District 6

Peyton Sterling - Introduction to Business, 5th place
Ava Escobado -Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure, 5th place
Veronika Marmolejo - Computer Applications, 5th place
Sophia Hayes, Emma Marino, Katie Meeks - Hospitality Management, 4th place
Brielle Bruce, Nicole Buttram, Sheridan Reed - Marketing, 4th place
Cristina Gonzalez-Diaz, Maria Gonzalez-Diaz - 
Management Decision Making, 5th place
Patience Sherriff, Megan Shields, Jazel Speights - Business Ethics, 5th place
Bryant Jones, Tyler Renck, Luke VanBuskirk - 4th place
Madalyn Bigley - Client Service, 5th place
Caelen Burand - Impromptu Speaking, 4th place
Nicholas Ponce - Impromptu Speaking, 5th place

Future Dance & Cheer Team Info

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Parents & Future Dance Team members please attend the meeting on
Wednesday, February, 21
6:00 - 7:00 pm
Centennial Commons Area
You must attend, with a parent, before trying out!

Monday, February 26, 
6:00 - 7:00 pm
Centennial Commons Area
You must attend, with a parent, before trying out!


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Centennial High School 
Welcomes future Bulldogs!
Stop by or call our Counseling Office (549-7343) for information regarding enrollment of your student for the 2018-19 school year, high schools are still accepting enrollment for next year.

Monday, February 26, 
6:00 - 7:00 pm
Centennial Commons Area
You must attend, with a parent, before trying out!

 Counselors will be visiting 8th graders to do scheduling for next year:
  • Risley:  2/21 @ 8:00 am
  • PAA:  2/23 @ 10:30 am
  • Corwin: 2/26 @ 1:00 pm
  • Heaton: 3/5 (in S.S. classes)
  • PSAS: 3/12 @ 8:00 am
  • Heroes: 3/15 @ 1:30 pm
More dates coming, check back here soon, if your middle school is not listed
Join our 'Remind' group to get up-dates right on your cell phone.

Be sure to check this web page for all up-coming information regarding you new student!

Lost & Found

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Don't forget to check the Lost & Found bin in the main office if you're missing something.  It's always over-flowing with lost jackets, coats, backpacks, cases, etc. Any items that are unclaimed are donated at the end of the semester.

REMIND is here!

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Sign up for 'Remind' and receive a text message right on your phone for announcements, emergencies, snow days, scholarship deadlines, etc.
Select a group from the list below and text that code to the number.  You'll receive a confirmation text to finish your registration in that group.  It only takes a minute. Students and parents can both sign up.  It's a safe, secure, text messaging system for teachers and administrators to communicate with their students and parents.

Text the assigned code, from your cell phone, to the number below, to sign up to receive text messages for your group:
Class of 2018  -     text the code:    @bdogs18       to 81010 (or 719-347-1927)
Class of 2019  -     text the code:    @cbd2019        to 81010 (or 719-347-1927)
Class of 2020  -     text the code:    @73c36b          to 81010 (or 719-347-1927)
Class of 2021  -      text the code:     @g46ck               to 81010 (or 719-347-1927)
Class of 2022  -     text the code:    @kh89fb            to 81010 (or 719-347-1927)

Ambassadors  -     text the code:    @dogsbull        to 81010 (or 719-347-1927)
Scholarship Info - text the code:    @j22j               to 81010 ( or 719-347-1927)


You can unsubscribe at any time, by replying "unsubscribe@yourgroupsname" 

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