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posted Feb 13, 2018, 11:24 AM by Pamela Hough   [ updated Feb 13, 2018, 11:34 AM ]
Congratulations to the following FBLA members for qualifiying for state!
Great job Bulldogs!

Brittany Griego - Accounting 2, 4th place
Caelen Burand - Business Calculations, 3rd place
Mackenzie Lucas - Cyber Security, 4th place
Retzio Gredig - Economics, 2nd place
Kevin Hughes - Economics, 3rd place
Abigail Smith - Healthcare Administration, 2nd place
Emma Marino - Insurance&Risk Management, 2nd place
Laura Whited - Introduction to Business Communications, 4th place
Justin Shure - Introduction to Financial Math, 2nd place
Andrew Li - Introduction to Financial Math, 3rd place
Kaelee Bos - Introduction to Financial Math, 4th place
Joli Dou - Introduction to Information Technology, 1st place
Rachel Appenzeller - Introduction to Information Technology, 4th place
Joshua Thatcher - Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure, 4th place
Alise Gladbach - Organizational Leadership, 4th place
Lillian Cuhna - Personal Finance, 1st place
Jesse Alardin-Rivera - Personal Finance, 5th place
Joli Dou - Database Design & Applications, 1st place
Sean DeHeart - Spreadsheet Applications, 1st place
Joshua Thatcher - Word Processing, 3rd place
Retzio Gredig - Banking & Financial Systems, 1st place
Jayden BacaAmanda Garbiso - Management Decision Making,  2nd place
Negar Ahmandian, Anna Shah - Business Ethics, 2nd place
Kaelee Bos, Neela Ropp, Justin Shure - Intro to Business Presentation, 2nd place
Lauren Reyes, Crystal Wahlen, Anahi Zambrano - 
Intro to Business Presentation, 3rd place
Kailee Alvarado, Connor Waring - Digital Video Production, 2nd place
Mara Smith, Bocote Potter - Mobile Application Development, 1st place
Jonathan Arnott, Mia Gilbertson, Alise Gladbach - 
Public Service Announcement, 3rd place
Kristina Aguilar, Veronica Aguilar, Emma Hollenstine - Website Design, 1st place
Madaline Miller, Blake Sprague - Website Design, 3rd place
Jessica Hair, Amber Medina -  E-Business, 3rd place
Isabel Belarde, Jocelyn Lerma, Deja Marquez - Graphic Design, 2nd place
Lillian Cuhna - Client Service, 1st place
Alanna Jackson - Future Business Leader, 1st place
Katelyn Martinez - Help Desk, 1st place
Daniel Casillas - Help Desk, 3rd place
Kevin Hughes - Sales Presentation, 1st place
Taylor Shellenberger, David Nixon - State Officer Candidates
Lauren Hayden - FBLA State Vice President District 6

Peyton Sterling - Introduction to Business, 5th place
Ava Escobado -Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure, 5th place
Veronika Marmolejo - Computer Applications, 5th place
Sophia Hayes, Emma Marino, Katie Meeks - Hospitality Management, 4th place
Brielle Bruce, Nicole Buttram, Sheridan Reed - Marketing, 4th place
Cristina Gonzalez-Diaz, Maria Gonzalez-Diaz - 
Management Decision Making, 5th place
Patience Sherriff, Megan Shields, Jazel Speights - Business Ethics, 5th place
Bryant Jones, Tyler Renck, Luke VanBuskirk - 4th place
Madalyn Bigley - Client Service, 5th place
Caelen Burand - Impromptu Speaking, 4th place
Nicholas Ponce - Impromptu Speaking, 5th place