Q:  How do I report my student as absent or tardy?
    A:  Call the main office at 549-7335, first thing in morning if possible to report               your child as absent for that day.  If your student needs to leave for an                       appointment, please call the main office as early as possible on that same day,            so that we can get them a pass to leave at the time you have requested.  If                   your student is going to be tardy, you must call the main office before the                   tardy occurs or it may not be excused.  Students with unexcused tardies may be            required to serve 'After School Detention'.

    Q:  How can I speak to my student's counselor or change a class             on my student's schedule?
    A:  Visit the 'Counselor' tab on this website and make an appointment with your                students' counselor, or call the counseling office at 549-7343. Your student is                welcome to visit the counseling office during their school day to speak to their             counselor about schedule changes or other problems.

    Q:  Can I access my student's attendance, grades, etc ?
    A:  Yes! Come to the main office to pick up your "Parent Portal" access code.  You                must come to the main office in person, we cannot give out access information             over the phone or via email. You will be able to go online and access your                    students information including grades, assignments, attendance, fees, etc.

    Q:  How can my student join a sport?
    A:  The Athletic Office conducts 'sports clearances' 3 times a year, before the Fall,             Winter and Spring sports seasons.  Your student should pick up the required                    paperwork, and have a doctors physical exam (or have a valid one on file) in                order to clear for their desired sport.   Call the Athletic Office at 549-7339, if             you have questions about sports or eligibility. 

Have a question?  Call the main office at 549-7335 
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