Applying for scholarships is an ongoing process that requires time and energy.  Students can begin this process as soon as they decide their plans include going to college.  It is recommended that students create a separate email account to use for applying for scholarships.  Scholarships are awarded based on merit, student-need, financial need and affiliation (religious, employment, memberships, etc.

Scholarship information will be communicated using this website, remind, and student emails.  Students are responsible for finding and applying for scholarships.  Counselors are available to help assist with this process.  It is recommended that students use search engines to match themselves to available scholarships, apply for institutional scholarships at colleges to which they are accepted, and apply to all local (school, Pueblo, Colorado, etc.)

Search Engines
PCS  (not a search engine, but lists different scholarships)

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Colorado AFA's Francisco Garcia Scholarship 4/30/19 $1000   Major in STEM, application, transcript, essay, LOR 
Colorado ROFL Scholarship 4/30/18 $500  High school student, online app 
Cibrowski Family Foundation 4/30/18 $1,000-3,000  Located at bottom of page 3.75 GPA, enrolled at DU or Colorado School of Mines, SAT 1100, essay, two letters of rec, interested in pursuing engineering and/or chemistry 
Mario Gallegos Scholarship 4/19/19 $700   Senior at Pueblo HS, personal statement 
Centennial NHS Values Scholarship 4/13/18 $500  Located at bottom of page NHS member, resume, transcript, 3.5 GPA, 500 word essay 
Sgt. David L. Napier Memorial Scholarship 4/1/19   Personal Essay, 1 LOR, transcript, SAT scores, application 
Colorado Lions Foundation Educational Scholarship Endowment 4/1/19 $2,500  Personal essay, community service, 3 LOR, transcript,  
Rotary Club of Pueblo West 4/1/18 $6,000  3.0 GPA, Pueblo West resident, transcript 
Minnequa Works Credit Union Scholarship 3/9/18   Located at bottom of page 3.0 GPA, financial need, Minnequa Works member, complete application, transcript, 2 letters of rec, essay 
Pueblo Government Agencies Federal Credit Union 3/4/19   Located at bottom of page 3.0 GPA, credit union member, application, personal statement, and 2 LORs, transcricpt 
Jake Clifton T-Cross Ranches Memorial Scholarship 3/3/19    2.5 GPA, played 4 years of HS baseball 
Pueblo African American Concern Organization 3/31/18 $500 (renewable)  2.5 GPA, financial need (FAFSA) 
Janice M. Scott Memorial Scholarship 3/31/18 $2,500 Located at bottom of page 3.0 GPA, community service, financial need, complete application, transcript, picture, 500-1000 word essay 
Bob Piper Construction Education Scholarship 3/30/18 $1,000-500  Located at bottom of page Financial support for high school students pursuing a career in construction 
Pauline and Edna Hellstern Foundation 3/29/19 by 5pm $1,000  Located at bottom of page 3.2 gpa, 1100 SAT, 22 ACT, 200 word essay, LOR 
Brayman-Beach Scholarship 3/29/19 $5,000  16 years of age, credit union member, business major or minor, application,  
Program for Excellence in Academics and Community at CU Boulder 3/19/18 $1,500   
Pueblo Hispanic Education Fund 3/1/18 $1,000  Two different scholarships available: PHEF- 3.0 GPA// Pueblo County- any student attending PCC or CSUP; money from marijuana taxes 
Pueblo County/COSI Scholarship 3/1/18 $2,000  Attending PCC or CSUP 
Lynch Family Legacy Scholarships 3/1/18 $6,000 (a year)  Scholar athlete 
Heuser & Heuser Scholarship 3/1/18 $1,000  Located at bottom of page Colorado students are invited to submit a hard-copy essay, no longer than 1,000 words, answering the following question: "What is one thing you would change about your hometown?" Describe why you would change it, how would you change it and how you would maintain the change you wish to see in your hometown. 
Colorado PTA Scholarship 3/1/18   Located at bottom of page Plan to take 12 credit hours, Colorado resident at least 2 years, 2.5 GPA, financial need, transcript, resume, letter of rec, 500 word essay 
BBB Scholarship 3/1/18 $2,500  3.5 GPA, essay, awarded to college of choice 
Hurliman 2/9/19 $10000  High school senior, 3.5 GPA, 1150 SAT, complete app 
CACCS Scholarship Program 2/9/18 $1,000  Located at bottom of page Graduating high school senior, enrolled or planning to enroll at CACCS member institution, maintaining B or higher while enrolled, CO resident 
County Sheriffs of Colorado 2/23/18 $500  Personal essay, transcript, two letters of rec, application 
Elks National Foundation 2/2/18 $4000  Relative of living Elk member, senior, online app, SAT 
Volunteerism/Community Service Scholarship 2/1/19 $1,500  GPA 2.5, 2 letters of rec, complete online application 
Colorado Society of Mayflower Descendants 2/1/18 $1,620 Located at bottom of page  
PATHS Scholarship Program 1/31/18 $5,000-10,000 (per year)  Acceptance to Colorado School of Mines, interest in Computer Science major, application essay, transcript, resume, letter of rec 
Publicity SEO and Content Marketing Scholarship 12/15/17 $1,000  Ability to appreciate and explain genius marketing... 
CESDA Scholarship 1/19/18 $1,000  2.8 GPA, letters of rec, resume, essay, transcript 
White Rose Scholarship 1/17/2019  3.0 GPA, community service, demonstrate financial need,  
Prudential Spirit of Community 11/6/18 $1000-5000  Open to grades 9-12, volunteer experience, complete online app 
Daniel's Fund 11/29/18 Student need  High school senior, CO resident, financial need based on FAFSA, SAT 470 or higher, give back to the community, leadership potential, academic performance, strength of character 
Elk National Foundation Most Valuable Student 11/27/17 $4,000-$50,000  complete online application 
Jack Cooke Foundation Scholarship 11/14/17 up to $40,000  3.5 GPA, at least 1200 SAT, financial need 
Hispanic Heritage Youth Award 10/2/2017  3.0 GPA, Hispanic heritage, letter of recommendation, transcript, essay questions 
Wendy's High School Heisman Scholarship 10/17/2018  high school athlete, 3.0 GPA, leader in school and community 
Showing 39 items
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